What is wrong with the location of the South London Incinerator?

Apart from the obvious health impacts of building it next to the most populated borough in London, it will destroy some of the most important wetland habitat in the country.

This incinerator is being built on a site that’s supposed to be protected from development as it’s both Metropolitan Open Land (which has the same status as Green Belt Land) and is also a Site of Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation.

Home to a diverse range of wildlife including 145 different species of birds and the largest tree sparrow population in the South East.

The incinerator will devastate the environment and our health. Find out why we must save it here.

The incinerator is being built in an air quality management area (AQMA) , which means it is already too polluted and the council needs to work harder to reduce pollution.

They got round this by increasing the heights of the two chimneys from 85 metres to 95 metres (311 ft). (1)  This will help disperse the toxic emissions beyond the AQMA and spread them over a wide area.


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