Why is burning rubbish dangerous?

It produces toxic emissions and nano particles that are harmful to human health and greenhouse gases that are bad for the environment.

1 in 12 people die from air pollution in London every year.  Burning rubbish adds to the pollution in the air and will kill more people.

These toxic emissions get in to our bodies and in to the food chain, which means even if you are not close enough to breathe in the poisons directly you could be eating food that has been contaminated.

Once these dioxins are in our bodies we cannot get rid of them and they build up over time.  Only the smallest amount is needed to cause harm to the body which can result in cancers and birth defects.

For more information see the British Society for Ecological Medicine report on The Health Effect of Waste incinerators, see this link and these Friends of the Earth reports explain it well: The Incinerator FAQ’s & Incineration and Health Issues.

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