What are the alternatives?

If the facilities were provided we could recycle or reuse over 90% of all our rubbish. Recycling saves more energy than is produced from burning it.

A number of places are striving for zero waste, with San Fransisco setting the standard currently with over 80% recycling.

Recycling produces 10 times more jobs and extracts far more value from the waste incineration.

The small amount that is left over can be treated in far less dangerous ways than burning it.

Anearobic Digestion and In Vessel Composting are good alternatives to burning our rubbish. Both these methods of waste treatment result in a safe compost type material at the end and can generate energy by utilising the gases they produce.

Waste Companies make more money from throwing it all in and burning it than they do from properly sorting it first and treating it in other less dangerous ways.

Instead of treating rubbish like a resource we need to move towards a zero waste strategy.

For more information on the alternatives we recommend this Friends of the Earth link.

Ultimately the way to solve our waste problem is to make less of it and to ensure that whatever packaging and materials we throw away, they are made from organic matter to ensure they break down easily.

The only way this can be acheived is through a change in law and unfortunately successive governments have failed to take action.

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