About us

Who are we?

Our campaign group is made up of local residents, businesses and members of various environmental and wildlife organisations.

What are our aims?

This isn’t about not wanting it in our back yard.  We don’t want it any ones back yard.

If they can get away with building an incinerator on protected land next to the most populated Borough in London they can get away with building them anywhere.

We fully supported local resident, Shasha Khan, who took Sutton Council to court over the incinerator plans.

By challenging this immoral and illegal incinerator in the courts we showed that it’s not okay to build them just anywhere regardless of the consequences.

This is not only a local issue, it is a national one.

The fight so far

As a group we have opposed the incinerator from the beginning and have been trying to raise awareness about the dangers since 2008. Building of the South London Incinerator would be well on the way to completion by now had we not kept up the fight.

We have attended countless meetings, demonstrated at a number of them and submitted our concerns (along with many other people) at the various consultation stages. You can read our submission to the final planning stage here.

In spite of our efforts the plans were agreed by Sutton Council in May 2013 (you can view the minutes of the two meetings here and here). Subsequently the Mayor agreed with the planning decision.

Sadly the Judicial Review was not successful – you can read more about the submission and the reasons why the Judge ruled in favour of the plans here.

Shasha Khan employed the services of Richard Buxton and sadly the application to appeal was not granted.

The legal process has been an expensive one so we need help with raising funds.

The fight continues based on claims that the process was corrupted: donations were made by Viridor to a Lib Dem Linked church, a member of the planning committee was coerced in to changing his vote and the close personal relationship between a member of Sutton Council and the CEO of Viridor was not declared.

You can read more about these allegations here, here and here.