Draft email/letter

Help us save lives – Stop the South London Incinerator.

Dear *****,

I’m contacting you on behalf of the Stop the South London Incinerator Campaign, a voluntary group from Croydon made up of local residents, businesses and environmental campaigners.

I’m writing to you because of your connection to the local area.

We need your help to stop this immoral and illegal incinerator from being built.

We are launching a legal challenge and we need your help in raising funds and awareness of our campaign.

Why the South London Incinerator will affect you

Waste incinerators kill.

They produce toxic emissions that cause cancer, breathing problems, birth defects and increased infant mortality. (1)

The simple fact is that burning 300,000 tonnes of rubbish every year for the next 25 years will increase air pollution and air pollution is a known killer. (2)

Not only will it pollute our skies, but the dioxins coming out of the 311 foot chimneys will get into the food chain and the water.

666 Lorries  a day, some carrying hazardous waste, will be driving through our streets.  There isn’t enough local rubbish to go in so it will be coming in from all over the country.

Building the incinerator will be an act of environmental vandalism resulting in the destruction of important wetland habitat. (3)

If they can get away with building a mass burn incinerator on protected land in the middle of a densely populated area they can get away with building them anywhere.

We don’t need any more incinerators. (4)

 Over 80-90% of all rubbish could be recycled or re-used. (5) What little is left can be dealt with in safer ways that are better economically and environmentally than burning it. (6)

Thank you for your time. If you can help or have any questions please get in contact.

Kind Regards

(Your Name)

On behalf of Stop the South London Incinerator

Website: www.stoptheincinerator.co.uk

Twitter: @StoptheBurnCR