100 killed in Croydon by Air Pollution this year

Air pollution levels have been high again over the last few days.  And so it was no surprise  to see  the Government have been criticised by the Environmental Audit Committee for their inaction over air pollution.guardian high pollution 18th sept 2014

It’s taken just 9 months for over 100 people to die from air pollution in Croydon.

Now imagine if those deaths had been as a result of illegal drugs or terrorist activity.

Hdaily mail pollution high 19th sept 2014ow quickly would our elected officials be on the news expressing their sadness at the tragedy of it all?  They’d be falling over themselves to make promises and change laws to stop it from happening again.

And yet when it comes to environmental matters they appear unable or unwilling to take action or even speak out.

kent online pollution high 20th sept 2014 croppedDoes their silence make them complicit in the deaths of those 100 people?  Are they in any way responsible for the 1 in 12 deaths in London that are attributable to air pollution?

Read the articles below and tell us what you think.

croydon guardian 100 killed by pollution 16th september 2014daily mail red card 16th sept 2014


  • smogbad



    1.Programme the cars to cheat tests

    2.X 10 “test” results when on the road.

    3.tests now 30 years old and totally inadequate.

    4.Manufacturers have lobbied to stop portable real emissions equipment,


    Germany and the UK support the cheats…Holland has done the research…”shocking” only to those that haven’t witnessed the scandalous list of deceptions on air pollution measurements and warnings here.

    Now the old commissioner that has worked for cleaner air in the EU has been replaced…just as the huge new diesel powered German chelsea tractors are released for sale.Boris has stuck to his old line at the EAC last week,so there’s no need to worry about our air quality at all.

    In the meantime our public transport is likely to hit the buffers.

    The head of TFL writes of very real problems of new population rises and public transport….


    “riots” to quote if commuting out of range of affordability. Happy Days! no wonder Boris wants to run away to Parliament….leaving a helluvamess for us in South London.

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