Judicial Review – Latest News about Contract

The legal team representing judicial review claimant Shasha Khan have finally got the 25 year contract which the South London Waste Partnership signed with Viridor.

The contract had been requested repeatedly by both the claimant and Deighton Pierce Glynn (1) but previously only redacted versions had been provided. Deighton Pierce Glynn had to apply for a High Court order for the full contract.

A thankful Mr Khan commented, “Arguably, the contract is integrally linked to the granting of planning permission for the South London incinerator.

“Indeed Mr Justice Collins when granting permission for the judicial review observed that the possible conflict of interest for Sutton Council, both the planning authority and waste partner, “is all too obvious”. When making this observation he was of course referring to the fact that the contract had been signed before planning permission had been granted.”

Both sides of this trial (2) are required to comply with a duty of candour and disclosure(3).

Mr Khan continues to raise money for the legal costs of the judicial review

On Sunday 28TH September a fundraising lunch will take place at The Alchemist Restaurant, Croydon. Entry only £10. More details can be found here: http://www.stoptheincinerator.co.uk/?p=926

All are welcome to come along to the demo that will be held at 9.30am outside the The Royal Courts of Justice on the 9th of October.


  1. Mr Khan is represented by Sue Willman and Charlie Dobson of Deighton Pierce Glynn solicitors and Justine Thornton, barrister of 39 Essex Street Chambers
  2. The trial is set for October 9th and 10th at The Royal Courts of Justice
  3. http://www.39essex.com/docs/articles/VS_Disclosure_Oct2007.pdf