DEFRA cling to outdated thinking

DEFRA’s PFI funding for incinerators started in the late nineteen nineties.  Using inaccurate data they made predictions about future waste arisings and decided waste incineration was the solution to landfill.

In 2014 they still cling to an outdated plan conceived in 1995.

Whilst the Public Accounts Committee meeting does get a litte dull, the opening exchange between the chair of the committee and the DEFRA Permanent Secretary is worth watching.  It reminded me a little bit of Cllr Fenwick’s nonsensical defence of the incinerator at the planning meeting where he voted for it.

The inconsistency in waste stream data was recognised by A House of Lords Select committee on Science and Technology in 2008. They looked in to the waste hierarchy and the complexities of waste reduction and found that there are huge gaps in the data available for waste production and concluded: “We are not satisfied that the Government are giving a high enough priority to the collection of data on waste. Targets and policies to reduce waste are meaningless if they are not based upon a thorough understanding of the waste streams involved.”