Less talk more action

The House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee met this week to discuss air pollution.

A long time supporter of our campaign, Dr Stan Prokop, submitted a report to the meeting about the effects of air pollution on children’s brains and cognitive powers.

His concerns were echoed at the meeting by top air pollution medic, Prof. Mudway, who also emphasized that exposure of infants to air pollution creates life-long health problems for many.

Research out this week shows air pollution may be more important in infant mortality than deprivation.air pollution kills more than deprivation

Incinerators do increase air pollution and this is shown to be a fact in a number of research papers. One study in Sweden used an x-ray spectroscopy to show the emissions from waste incinerators made up 30% of the particulate matter (PM) in the local area.pm percentages

This study shows the influence of the waste treatment industries on the PM10 concentration measured at the London Borough of Lewisham’s Air Quality Monitoring Site (AQMS) in Mercury Way.

During the 19 month study, between 15th February 2010 and 20th September 2011, the local waste management businesses were found to contribute 27% of the mean PM10 daily concentration measured at the AQMS in Lewisham.

The Department of Health’s own report on particulate air pollution confirms that “there is no evidence for a threshold below which effects would not be expected.”

All of which begs the question why won’t the government stop talking about it and actually do something about it?