Croydon Green Fair.

Stop the Incinerator had a stall on Croydon high street at this years Green Fair.  We are grateful to Andrew Dickenson and others for putting on a well organised and well attended Fair.  Having a table and gazebo already set up on arrival is a wonderful thing!

I’d also like to say a big thank you to those who helped out on the stall.

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Stop the Incinerator has had a stall at the Green Fair for the last three years and we’ve found it a great way of getting our message out to the local community.  In previous years it has been about raising awareness, gathering signatures for our petition and encouraging people to submit objections to the plans.

Created with Nokia Smart CamThis year it was all about the Judicial Review and letting people know the fight continues! Lively debate was had with some people whilst disbelief and disgust was a common theme with many others.

We are very grateful to the people who were kind enough to donate to the Judicial Review and are pleased to say that £91.13 was put in the collection pots at our stall.

I briefly spoke to the council’s recycling stall that was a couple of pitches down from ours but they were reluctant to discuss the incinerator with us!