Viridor bring out the big guns.

Deighton Pierce Glynn, solicitors representing claimant, Shasha Khan, have now received replies from the defence teams representing Sutton Council and waste contractor Viridor. A High Court Judge will decide within six weeks from the 21st of May – the date defence responses were filed with the High Court – as to whether the claim is arguable and grant permission for a judicial review.

Viridor has requested in their response that the Court categorises the claim as a significant planning claim.

Commenting on the latest developments, Shasha Khan said:

“Both Sutton Council and Viridor have decided to pull out all the stops in ensuring the High Court rules in their favour.

“Sutton Council and Viridor have hired two Queens Counsels (QCs) and a barrister between them to win the case. Viridor have gone as far as to appoint David Elvin QC, regarded by many has one of the very best with regard to planning law.

“Despite an aggressive approach taken by the QC representing Sutton Council (1), my team, which includes just one barrister, Justine Thornton, are confident that the judge will find the claim arguable and grant permission for a trial.

“It is quite clear that both Sutton Council and Viridor are desperate for this billion pound incinerator to be built and I can only assume that my small yet determined team have presented a compelling case.”

“We continue to require more funds to take our judicial review claim to the wire.”

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(1) Deighton Pierce Glynn described Sutton Council’s response as aggressive. At one point the QC brands Shasha Khan as a “Self confessed serial campaigner” [Shasha tweeted this]