Latest Report on Air Pollution

The Department of Health report on the health effects of air pollution makes for some stark reading.  They have broken it down according to local authorities.  Below are a couple of key extracts from it but you can go to this web site for more information.

No one can deny that the South London Incinerator will increase air pollution, but everyone who is in favour of it maintains that the increase is so small it won’t matter.

There are no safe levels of air pollution and this is proven again in this latest report which states: “there is no evidence for a threshold below which effects would not be expected.”

This is proof that the incinerator will have an adverse effect on our health regardless of what they keep telling us.

health effects of air pollution

mortality burdens

And this is how it was reported in the local press.  Now imagine if those 155 deaths in Croydon were associated with knife crime or drugs and how quickly our politicians would be falling over themselves to condemn it as a tragedy that needs addressing.

air pollution killed 150 april 16 2014 croydon guardian