Former English Test Cricketer adds his voice to protests against waste incinerator plan


Following in the footsteps of JB from the group JLS, former English test cricketer Mark Butcher, another popular figure haling from Croydon, has voiced his concern about plans to build an incinerator on the border of Sutton and Croydon.

Mr Butcher said, “When I heard about the incinerator I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing. It seems every week news reports indicate that London’s air quality is appalling, so it seems crazy that the authorities have approved an incinerator that affects the residents of my home town of Croydon. I wish Shasha Khan all the best in stopping the incinerator with his legal challenge” 

Sutton council formally approved the incinerator application on Friday 14th March leaving campaigners 6 weeks to file papers with the High Court.

Since his retirement as a player Mark has appeared as an expert summariser on various cricket programmes on TV and radio.

Commenting on the latest celebrity endorsement, Shasha Khan, the local resident behind the court challenge said, “I really appreciate Mark Butcher’s support.  I have now instructed Deighton Pierce Glynn my solicitors to go ahead and send Sutton Council the letter threatening court action as soon as possible. I remain confident that we can preserve the open land for my daughter and for future generations. I would urge everyone who agrees with me and hasn’t already signed my petition on the web site to do it now!”