What’s the price of good health and clean air?

Hearing this week that Boris Johnson thinks greed is good, it’s hardly surprising he likes the South London Incinerator.

Those complicit in this environmental disaster have put profit before people and have ignored the intrinsic economic benefits of a happy and healthy society.

Viridor, the company building the incinerator, have managed to ‘persuade’ local councillors with a mitigation package worth £2.3 million.

This works out at about £2.50 per person in the four boroughs involved in this plan (Croydon, Merton, Sutton and Kingston).

Viridor claim that £2.50 per person is “fair and adequate” mitigation for the impact of burning rubbish for the next 25 years.

You can listen to it here:

Some of this money will go towards setting up a community forum to help the local community decide how best to improve the local area.  We believe the best way to improve the local area is not to build a mass burn waste incinerator in the corner of our country park!

A small amount has been put aside to replace the air quality monitoring station that was very conveniently removed from Beddington Lane, the road on which the incinerator is being built.

However, the amount Viridor have offered doesn’t cover the cost of the new equipment.

Four out of the five councillors who voted for the incinerator did so because they were more concerned about losing the mitigation offered by Viridor than they were about anything else.

What price would you put on your health?  £2.50 is what the council sold it for.

Listen to what they had to say: