Cycle safety

With cycling accidents increasing for the 8th consecutive year and cycle deaths up 10% in 2012, it is important that every opportunity to increase road safety it taken.

Viridor will have a contract to burn rubbish for 25 years resulting in 666 lorries a day (770 during construction) going to and from the incinerator.

Viridor have refused to fit their lorries with the latest safety equipment proven to save lives and they have refused to give their drivers the latest training on cycle safety.

The leader of Croydon Council, Mike Fisher, signed up to the Safer Lorries, Safer Cycling pledge and said he would “incorporate these standards in new contracts.”

But when he agreed to Viridor’s incinerator he ignored this pledge and allowed them to go ahead without it.

When I approached Viridor directly they confirmed they would not follow the Safer Lorries, Safer Cycling guidelines.

Viridor have no contractual requirement for their lorries to follow a specific route.  This means they can use residential roads as a cut through.

It’s not just people like me who commute to work on a bike that will be affected by all these lorries, children playing and cycling on quiet residential streets will encounter these lorries too.