Burners to be fired up imminently.

chimney smoke

Those of us involved in the campaign are used to one thing being said and another being done. The latest example is the actual commissioning process for the incinerator. Originally set for 2018, it seems the burners will be fired up in the tail end of 2017.  An image of what the incinerator looks like is here (apologies we’ve used up all our space and new images cannot be uploaded).

Local news and reaction covering how this news came to light can be found here and here.

Viridor have sent newsletters out to local residents and have been tweeting from the Viridor ERF SLondon account. They advise that during the coming weeks components at the site will be tested and this may result in “audible noises” and “visible steam venting from the chimneys.” This is all necessary to ensure the incinerator is within the “strict emission limits.”

The commissioning stage of an incinerator, before it is fully operational, is broken up into ‘cold’ commissioning and ‘hot’ commissioning. The more dangerous period is the latter, when feedstock is sent for incineration for the first time. With all that combustible material near a burner, the risk of fire is greater.

I understand from UKWIN that incinerator operators may have greater latitude in terms of environmental parameters when testing an incinerator. This is worrying in terms of air quality. “