Campaigners to demonstrate outside incinerator

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Press Release immediate.

Campaigners are calling for a peaceful demonstration today (Wednesday 29th June) at 7pm on Beddington Lane, outside the site of the South London incinerator (1). The demonstration is designed to send a message to Viridor shareholders who meet two days later on Friday 1st July in Exeter for their AGM (2). It is also an opportunity to raise the issue with UK law makers and the newly appointed Mayor of London.

Whistleblowing Sutton Councillor, Nick Mattey, who was expelled by the ruling Liberal Democrats, said,

The EU is a 100% backer of incineration and encourages its use throughout countries many of which do not have strong environmental controls. Its bank, the European Investment Bank, has recently supported Viridor with a huge £110 million package for its Cardiff incinerator. (3) Burning one tonne of waste instead of recycling, produces around one tonne of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. If we are serious about halting global warming and improving air quality then we need to stop incinerating. The EU has very low efficiency standards for evaluating incinerators. This allows waste companies and councils like Sutton to call these plants ‘Energy Recovery Facilities’ instead of waste incinerators . Following the Brexit vote we have an opportunity to insist on much higher standards which will halt the expansion of the incinerator industry . Brexit will hit the profits of incinerator operators hard and force councils to recycle instead .

The protest on Wednesday is going to be an important opportunity to let the community know about the dangers of incineration and to hold Sutton Council to account for allowing Viridor to build this plant.”

Campaigner Shasha Khan, who challenged Sutton Council in the High Court said,

There exists a misconception that energy from waste plants are soft, cuddly and green in comparison to the old style mass burn incinerators. It is possible that ethical investors are being duped in this way. We want to send a message to Pennon Group shareholders that all is not what it seems. Holding shares in Viridor’s parent company Pennon is no different to holding shares in tobacco companies. Additionally, Viridor have defaulted on their environmental responsibilities at the site resulting in wildlife being destroyed.(4)”

“The new London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, must be made aware of these details too, and today’s demo will do this.”

Construction at the Viridor site is evident and the incinerator is taking shape. I hope many will join us for the demonstration.”



1) Gathering for a photo call on the public footpaths near the Viridor Incinerator entrance opposite 154 Beddington Lane, CR9 4QD

2) Pennon Group Plc twenty-seventh Annual General Meeting 11am on Friday 1st July, with these
shareholders investing in Viridor meeting at Sandy Park Conference Centre, Sandy Park Way, Exeter, Devon EX2 7NN


4)  and