How many life years will be lost?

Mr Nicol, the ‘A’ level Physics teacher within our campaign, has sent us the following:

I have read the Health Impact Assessment again and urge others to read it.

It assumes the filters will work all the time, every time. The reality is when the filters fail and breach safety levels, the contract allows 4 hours of continuous dangerous emissions.

A sentence from page 53 reads:

The calculation of loss of life years through exposure of additional concentrations of PM2.5 from the ERF [incinerator] is approximately 2 hours for each person in the population considered 2,655,000, assuming that the distribution was an even one.

We are often accused of hysterical over claims that people will die as a result of the incinerator; however, the Health Impact Assessment states that there will be a modest impact of an average of 2 hours of life curtailed, when spread over 2.7 million people.  However, this represents almost 700 life years lost, and it is unlikely that this will be spread evenly over a quarter of London – the question to put to the public, is who are going to be the unlucky ones who take more than their fair share of the ‘life years lost’ ?

By Shasha Khan