PROOF: Beddington incinerator is not needed

STI flyer for printing back 3 Jan 2015

The simplest and most effective argument against the incinerator is: it is not needed (see above flyer from 2009).  However, the authorities and Viridor have always presented the case as an either/or situation: landfill or incineration.  Yet, respected environmental consultants Eunomia, who work for the South London Waste Partnership, have long been reporting that residual waste over-capacity is around the corner.

Then at last month’s South London Waste Partnership Joint Committee meeting, the Contract Manager pointed out that the  judicial review had delayed the incinerator’s construction. Those present heard her indicate that for 8 months all the residual waste would be sent to Viridor’s Colnbrook incinerator (45,000 tonnes of our waste is already being transported there). Evidently, it is not so either/or. I asked for clarification and finally received the emails below from Andrea Keys.

In short, waste produced by the South London Waste Partnership can all be shipped just 12 miles away to Colnbrook, which has available capacity.  WE DON’T NEED AN INCINERATOR IN BEDDINGTON. 


Good morning Mr Khan,

I believe you raised the following clarification question around the Beddington landfill:
Q – When will landfilling cease at Beddington Farmlands?
A – The section 106 states that Viridor and Thames will ….
“cease the landfill of non-inert waste at the Site by 31st December 2017…”.
I have also attached a link to the section of the Viridor website that contains planning documentation associated with Beddington Lane landfill and the ERF.
I hope this is of assistance.
Kindest regards,
*** I then asked when the incinerator (ERF) would be operational  and subsequently received this reply….***

Good afternoon,

It is estimated that the ERF will be operation in the financial year 2018/19.
Kindest regards,
Andrea Keys
Contract Manager 
South London Waste Partnership
Email Ends.
With so much over-capacity, there is little doubt that once operational, the incinerator in Beddington will burn waste imported from overseas and recyclables, bearing in mind we are stuck with it for a minimum of 25 years.
By Shasha Khan