Coercion, corruption or crypto-cronyism?

Campaigners fighting the incinerator over the last 7 years have often wondered why would Sutton Councillors accept such a monstrosity on London’s newest country park? Were councillors pressured? Were there kickbacks? Or is it simply rich and powerful mates looking after each other? In short, COERCION, CORRUPTION OR A CRYPTO-CRONYISM?

Well, over the last week councillors had to respond to compelling evidence of all three. First the South London Waste Partnership Joint Committee faced questions on Tuesday 15th September and then the Sutton Council Standards Committee on Wednesday 16th September


The news website Inside Croydon focused on pt 3 of the Standards Committee meeting, highlighting the Monitoring Officer, Jessica Crowe’s influence on proceedings. She did her masters proud.

by Shasha Khan (Paul Pickering is away this week)