In Corby Lib Dems protest, in Sutton they welcome waste burners.

The Lib Dem group on Corby council have been protesting against a gasification waste incinerator that would affect quality and public health.

These are people loyal to their morals and liberal core beliefs, exactly what the public voted for.

Corby citizens protesting the plant

Corby citizens protesting the plant

This starkly contrasts to the ruling Lib Dems on Sutton council, who not only allowed a similar (although older technology) plant to be built in Beddington, but are also happy to allow other existing waste sites to alter their use for incineration.

In Sutton we see a council with the mask of liberalism disguising their true nature, because allowing such dangerous infrastructures, that will endanger people’s lives, goes completely against traditional Lib Dem ideals and values.

The Beddington Lane incinerator

An example of a waste plant

This is highlighted in Corby and elsewhere around the country, where we see locally elected Liberal Democrats putting residents’ wellbeing at the forefront of decision making.

It is surprising that Sutton’s Lib Dem councillors can even stand up straight with such weak backbones.

Even Conservative councillors there are protesting. If it wasn’t such a serious matter it would be laughable that our own ‘Liberal Democrats’ permit such applications in Sutton.

We believe that our local councillors can learn real and relevant lessons from Corby – be inspired even – for they show us what is possible and that together we can fight to stop such developments, that aren’t in our best interests, from being built.