Justice Sales in to the distance

Today Lord Justice Sales ruled against our application to appeal the Judicial Review judgement.

outside court 1Campaigners outside Royal Courts of Justice

From a legal point of view we may be running out of options (the European Court of Human Rights is the next step) but we can assure you Stop the Incinerator will NOT cease their campaign.

It is not the first time in this long battle that we have been knocked down and we will simply get up, dust off the toxic nano-particles and carry on the fight!

taking on viridor

You can read how the appeal hearing was reported in the press by clicking on the pictures below.

news 1news 2

As Inside Croydon points out there are other avenues that need further exploration, in particular the malpractice and bribery that went on in Sutton council.  This will not be the last revelation that comes out of this dirty business.