Keeping up the pressure – how you can help

Following on from today’s Stop the Incinerator Meeting, we have been asked how people can help the campaign.

We have an imaginatively entitled How You Can Help page on our website that gives you some ideas.

Spurred on by Councillor Nick Mattey and his ongoing campaign to shame Sutton council in to changing their immoral and environmentally reprehensible plans we recommend contacting your local MP and councillors directly.

At the foot of this post is what Nick wrote to Sutton Council.   Please email the leader of Sutton Council Ruth Dombey and ask why she thinks Beddington needs so many polluting ‘energy from waste’ plants:

Submit questions at the next full council meeting – you can do so at any of the four boroughs involved (Sutton, Croydon, Merton & Kingston) as long as you live or work in the borough.

Details of how you can do this, the deadlines and a list of possible questions can be found here.

Nick Mattey’s Email to Sutton Council

Email To All Sutton Liberal Democrats Sent 10/04/2015 9AM

As you may be aware a huge cloud of pollution is sitting over our country. One of its principle constituents are oxides of Nitrogen. Sutton Council in their wisdom have given permission for the construction of two and I will use the euphemism Energy From Waste plants(just in case a freedom of Information request is submitted) to be built in

Beddington Lane. They will be jointly spewing out 450 tonnes of oxides of nitrogen per year. Making sure that Sutton plays its part in the horrendous air pollution that will threaten the health of our residents for a generation. I am sure that Councillors McCoy and Whitehead will tell you that the risks to health have been fully investigated and there will be no harm to health. In addition the pollution caused by ferrying 600,000 tonnes of waste to be incinerated in these two plants each year will be insignificant.

I can tell you now that the stench of burnt fuel polluting the air in my garden in Beddington is terrible and I am forced to shut my windows. This is before the plants have even started operating . What is Sutton doing about this threat ? It is advertising for a Media Manager to tell every one that the Viridor Incinerator will make Sutton one of the best places to live in.
I am sure the irony of this crass statement will become more and more evident as we become one of Londons major sources of pollution, a Pariah Council who will go to court to defend a companies right to pollute.

These are not the actions of a caring council and our relationship with incineration needs to re thought we are a token Green Council who have lost direction on environmental matters.

No amount of PR will help parents whose children are plagued with respiratory complaints.

Please act now to get the council to help the people who elected us .

kind regards


Councillor Nick Mattey
Beddington North Ward