Incinerator Democracy & Spin

Anyone who has followed this campaign for even a short period of time will know how hard it is to get your voice heard.

And what’s the solution to dealing with an issue the public don’t like?

Hire a PR manager to spin “Sutton’s decentralised energy network and energy recovery facility.” If you’re interested you can apply for the job here!

Not only is the planning process a drawn out and complicated one, the lack of notification surrounding public events only makes it harder.

The public were invited to speak at the last South London Waste Partnership Meeting but the details of the meeting were almost impossible to find and the venue was changed (without notice) a few days before.

At this meeting we were initially refused permission to speak and then when one of us did get permission they refused to answer any of our questions about the incinerator. You can find out more about this meeting here.

We were planning on attending the next South London Waste Partnership meeting but we can’t find out when it is! Only two of the boroughs involved have any publicity about the public meeting, with Croydon stating the meeting starts at 5.30pm and Merton states 7pm.

Screenshot Croydon Council Website 290315Screenshot Croydon Council Website 29/03/15

Screenshot Merton Council Website 290315Screenshot Merton Council Website 29/03/15

Good luck to anyone who wishes to go, but be warned whilst the public are encouraged to attend they are certainly not welcome! Only half of the meeting is in the open, the other half is always held behind closed doors.