MP calls for closure of Runcorn incinerator after two chemical leaks

The Runcorn Incinerator is being built and run by Viridor, the same company responsible for the South London Incinerator.  The following article is reproduced from this site.

A HALTON MP is calling for the closure of a Runcorn incinerator after a chemical spillage left six workers being taken to hospital.

MP Derek Twigg is pressing the Environment Agency to shut down the Runcorn Energy from Waste facility whilst an investigation is carried out.

Halton MP Derek Twigg

It is the second leak at the Picow Farm Road site in six months. A spillage of hydrated lime occurred on Thursday, October 30.

Seventeen employees were treated in hospital on March 19 after the same chemical, deemed an irritant to eyes and skin, escaped.

The £452 million incinerator is currently being commissioned.

It will be run by Viridor to supply the neighbouring IneosChlor chemical plant with up to 20 per cent of its energy.

In a letter to the Environment agency, Mr Twigg said: “I ask again that you close this plant down while an investigation takes place and it should not be started again until we have a 100 per cent guarantee that it can be run safely and without causing a nuisance to my constituents.”

Mr Twigg said he has been inundated with complaints about train noise, smells and steam from the plant.

Mr Twigg said: “I want to know why things are going wrong. I am very concerned because this plant seems to be undergoing technical problems.

“I think it is about time stronger action was taken.

“I am still getting a large number of complaints from residents.”

A spokesman for the Runcorn Energy from Waste facility said: “The incident was confined to a small enclosed section of the facility and at no point did any of the material released pass off site.

“The Environment Agency was immediately notified and has indicated it is satisfied that there was no impact from the incident on the environment.

“The construction contractor Keppel Seghers is conducting an investigation into the incident.

“The joint venture owners of the facility will work closely with Keppel Seghers to ensure that it implements all recommendations.

“Such incidents are regrettable. However, overall the project has a good safety record.”

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The previous accident was in March 2014.

A&E under lockdown after ‘chemical explosion’ at Runcorn incinerator

Some casualties have ‘ingested and breathed in lime’

The site in Runcorn where the chemical explosion took place.

Twenty workers are in A&E after a ‘chemical explosion’ at Runcorn’s incinerator.

Warrington Hospital is under lockdown after the release of a substance today.

Police received reports of an incident at about 1pm.

A Weekly News source said a further eight staff have booked themselves into hospital for assessment.

Another told the paper on of those affected was an asthma sufferer.

They both said the substance is ‘lime’, although one believed the matter to contain ash as well.

A source said clothes had been taken from the workers on-site for decontamination.

The Weekly News received a report that fallout has allegedly landed on Weston Point and Weston.

A Warrington Hospital spokesman told the Weekly News some of the casualties would be kept in overnight for observation because they had ingested or breathed in some of the substance.

A hospital spokesman said: “A number of casualties have been admitted to A&E at Warrington following the incident that has led to the department being locked down temporarily whilst the casualties are admitted.

“Access from the road in front of the department has also been limited.

“Around 20 casualties have come from the scene – but any injuries appear to be relatively minor at present and it is hoped that many of the casualties will be discharged following checks and treatment.

“Ambulances bringing patients not involved in the incident have been diverted to other A&Es temporarily.

“Walk-up patients are still attending and are being diverted through alternative entrances to the department.

“There is no risk to staff or public on site and other hospital services are running as normal.”

Cheshire police said: “This is an isolated incident, the incident was contained within the site and there are no wider risks to the public.”

A source said: “We’ve got this and it’s only been switched on three weeks.”

(This article was reproduced from the following web site.)