Appeal for an Appeal

The humbling generosity of our supporters gave Shasha Khan a chance to take Sutton Council to the High Court over their decision to approve the Beddington Lane Incinerator.

Despite five excellent grounds for a claim, including four that were approved by Mr Justice Collins when he granted permission for the judicial review,  Mrs. Justice Patterson dismissed the claim.

On Friday, an appeal was launched for £5000 to help continue the legal challenge. This was to settle outstanding bills in order to commence new legal work.  Again, funds have continued to come in via bank transfers and the crowdfunding site.  Thank you so much.

On Friday afternoon Shasha instructed his solicitors, Deighton Pierce Glynn and barrister, Justine Thornton, to make a submission to the High Court for an appeal. The deadline is 9:30am Monday 10th November.  A big thank you must go to our legal team for working through the weekend to make the deadline.

If Mrs. Justice Patterson refuses permission then the next option is to apply to the Court of Appeal. There are a number of variables relating to this stage, and the strength of our application to the Court of Appeal depends on whether £5000 can be raised in the coming days.

If you are looking for other practical ways you can help the campaign Inside Croydon have a good article with a poll asking if Croydon Council should stop the Incinerator. We encourage everyone to vote in the poll.

Also, this blog post has some good ideas about contacting your local councillors and voicing your opinion at council meetings.