Incinerator Judgement only weeks away

We have been waiting for a point of case law to come through in writing on the Redhill Aerodrome Development.

The important part of this other case relates to the ‘very special circumstances’ required to build on green belt land and what should be included when considering ‘any other harm’.

In theory this should be helpful to the incinerator case but we are waiting to hear back from Shasha Khan and his legal team in this regard.

They now have a week to submit further written evidence to the judge and the incinerator defence team have another week after that to respond.

Viridor are in a big hurry to get the building work under way so we’re sure they will send the judge their response pretty quickly.

This means we could only be a couple of weeks away from getting the judgement.

In other news this week the government have introduced stricter planning guidelines to ensure better protection of green belt land from incinerator development.

You can find out more about it here.

Sadly this change in planning law is most likely too late to have any influence over the South London incinerator decision.