Urgent Appeal for Funds

We are 48 hours away from going to court to stop the council from building a mass burn waste incinerator in South London.  Unfortunately, a pledge of £5000 has failed to materialise leaving a gap in funds in order to prepare legal bundles and actual representation at the Hearing.

Stop The Incinerator campaigner, Dave Pettener, said, “We have worked hard over the last 6 years to stop this environmental vandalism from going ahead and it would be a disaster the Judicial Review collapses the day before going to court.”

Judicial review claimant, Shasha Khan added, “Even if the legal challenge is stopped before Thursday, the other side’s costs, capped at £5,000, will still need to paid, which means they win twice.“

The Beddington Farmland’s incinerator is the thin end of the wedge.  There are already plans being pushed through to build a second incinerator.  If our legal challenge is stopped now due to lack of funds this will send a clear message to the waste companies that it is open season for lung poisoning incinerators on the Sutton Croydon border.

Dave Pettener continued, “Don’t let big business poison our planet for profit.  Hold your breath now and you will have to hold it forever.”

Please help before it’s too late.

Thank you.