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Councils can pull out of contract because of delay

Campaigners understand an unredacted copy of the incinerator contract has been leaked.  Those that have seen it note that there is an exit clause if the incinerator is not operational by August 2018.

Local councillors that have inquired about why the incinerator is not up and running believe the reason is that one of the construction companies contracted to build it have gone out of business.


Viridor reveal cause of fire

taking on viridor


The @TalkERF_SLondon twitter account controlled by Viridor was in overdrive yesterday to alleviate concerns from anxious residents who could see great plumes of dirty smoke from many points across Sutton, Croydon and Crystal Palace.

Many immediately thought the incinerator was ablaze until Viridor tweeted that a, “small fire was reported at its Beddington Lane transfer station” approximately 100 minutes after London Fire Brigade was called to the site.

The waste transfer station is “co-located” to the incinerator site. The incinerator is not operational and still in testing mode.

In another tweet Viridor stated the, “most likely” cause of the fire was “lithium batteries. ”

Coverage on what happened here: