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Object to underground pipes for the incinerator

Hackbridge & Beddington Corner Neighbourhood Development group have had a meeting with Sutton council about the SDEN* planning application to start building part of the pipe line that could be connected to the incinerator. Sutton council give the incinerator the misnomer ‘Beddington Energy Recycling Facility (ERF)’. The consultation period has been extended to 15th February 2017, so there’s still time to comment.

The link to to make or comment or object is here:

Application to Install underground heating pipes 

Lewisham council did a report and found that in residential properties there are problems of overheating, as heating is not constantly required from decentralised energy networks from incinerators. The heat is expensive. The carbon saving figures are not accurate. Halting the awful incinerator would help us reduce carbon. We have too many incinerators already and there is not enough materials to feed them. Also the building developer does not have to build energy efficient properties if there’s an incinerator heat network. Further making a demand for expensive inefficient energy. Also the energy network lasts twice as long as incinerators and would give the council an excuse to keep the incinerator going for longer. Old power stations from decades ago are far more efficient in producing energy than incinerators. The stack of the Beddington incinerator is already to be twice the size of St Paul’s Cathedral. Policy needs to change to kick incinerators out of the energy mix, by these companies who’ve lobbied parliament to drain more money from the public purse for their own gain at the expense of the every day person and the environment. Burning our rubbish costs at least 5 times more than landfill.

Here’s Lewisham council’s report.

* SDEN – Sutton Decentralised Energy Network

Thanks to Maeve Tomlinson for the above details.