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Do you live within the incinerator plume?

Plume Plotter got in touch a short while ago to share a plume animation which is based on actual historical weather conditions.

Similar work in Plymouth by Plume Plotter has hit the headlines over in Devon. Emissions for Plymouth’s “giant incinerator” are the highest ever recorded for a UK residential area.

See link here: Plymouth Herald

Worryingly, the “giant incinerator” in Plymouth is actually smaller in capacity – by 57,000 tonnes – than the South London incinerator, set to be operational in 2017.

The South London incinerator animation is below:

Plume Plotter’s work is similar to a graphic created by Smogbad in 2008/9. His wind rose can be viewed here: Wind Rose

Meanwhile Cardiff council has published a submission by Cardiff Against The Incinerator (CATI). Cardiff’s Labour controlled council granted permission to Viridor for the Splott incinerator a few years back.  Despite being on a coastal location with higher wind speeds, residents have been experiencing visual, odour and  dust pollution.

The submission can be viewed here: