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Shocking News

We have been fighting against the South London Incinerator since 2008. During that time we have seen some shocking things about the incinerator and the danger it poses.

All along we’ve been saying that waste incinerators kill and that they increase the infant mortality rate. Sadly this fact is proving to be the case with the Colnbrook Incinerator.

colnbrook incinerator

In the course of updating the website with some new source material and facts, Stop the Incinerator made the shocking discovery that the if the abatement equipment stops working, they are allowed to keep running for up to three days before they have to stop the facility.

Air pollution is a known killer and yet those meant to protect us from harm seem complicit in hiding the truth.

We once asked what’s the price of clean air and clearly it’s too much.

The South London Incinerator is being built in an air quality management area. To get around this they moved the air quality monitoring equipment and because we complained, part of Viridor’s mitigation package is to pay for a new one. Sadly it’s not even enough to keep it running for a year.

And now DEFRA want to slash air quality monitoring and reporting.

Defra claims that less ‘emphasis’ on monitoring and reporting will make local authorities focus more on actions to clean up England’s air.  This is nonsensical.  Without comprehensive air quality monitoring and reporting, communities have little hope of stopping new polluting developments.