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Incinerator revelations leave campaigners stunned

Through a Freedom of Information Act request, documents have been obtained that show that a consultant for Sutton Council had serious doubts about the proposed incinerator development. The London’s Mayor’s office also agreed with the stance of local anti-incinerator campaigners in opposing the development. It took a lot of persuasion by Viridor, the applicant, to convince Sutton Council to override the long-standing plan for the site of the development to be devoted to the Wandle Valley Regional Park from 2023.

The Assistant Director of Planning at the Greater London Authority (GLA) wrote in a pre-application advice letter that, “It has not been proven there is an overriding need for such a facility to be built”

A planning consultant working for Sutton Council wrote to the GLA in May 2012 identifying a number of points of difference with Viridor. In summarising, he stated that “the proposals are visually harmful, and detract from the potential future delivery of the Beddington Farmlands Country Park and the Wandle Valley Regional Park.” He also said, “there are other deliverable alternatives” and “the proposals are perceived to and might adversely impact on Beddington, and possibly other communities.

Judical Review claimant (1), Shasha Khan, said “I received dozens of documents a couple of weeks back through a Freedom of Information request. I had to make the request because documents were not forthcoming from the council or Viridor. Quite frankly I am stunned by these revelations. These same arguments have been put forward by campaigners all along. However, they have continuously been rebuffed by councillors, ignored in planning consultations and dismissed when submitted as objections. Yet, we find that in the past the authorities quietly agreed with what local people have been saying all along!”

  1. The trial is set for October 9th and 10th at The Royal Courts of Justice regarding the granting of the planning permission for the incinerator.

Post written by Shasha Khan


100 killed in Croydon by Air Pollution this year

Air pollution levels have been high again over the last few days.  And so it was no surprise  to see  the Government have been criticised by the Environmental Audit Committee for their inaction over air high pollution 18th sept 2014

It’s taken just 9 months for over 100 people to die from air pollution in Croydon.

Now imagine if those deaths had been as a result of illegal drugs or terrorist activity.

Hdaily mail pollution high 19th sept 2014ow quickly would our elected officials be on the news expressing their sadness at the tragedy of it all?  They’d be falling over themselves to make promises and change laws to stop it from happening again.

And yet when it comes to environmental matters they appear unable or unwilling to take action or even speak out.

kent online pollution high 20th sept 2014 croppedDoes their silence make them complicit in the deaths of those 100 people?  Are they in any way responsible for the 1 in 12 deaths in London that are attributable to air pollution?

Read the articles below and tell us what you think.

croydon guardian 100 killed by pollution 16th september 2014daily mail red card 16th sept 2014



Legal Fight Hits the Headlines Again

Sutton Council and the London Mayor believe they can break their promise to protect Beddington Farmlands.

It is a site of importance for nature conservation which means valuable habitat and wildlife will be lost if the South London Incinerator is built.

It isn’t just about our right to breathe clean air it is also about safeguarding a precious green site for generations to come.

It was good news this week for Shasha Khan and his legal team when they finally got the contract they had been asking for.  The official press release can be found here, or you can read how the newspapers reported here and by clicking on the article below.

news 12th september - croydon advertiser

Help us in our fight by raising money for the legal challenge and join us when we have our day in court.

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Funding Update

We are pleased to announce that Mark Constantine founder of Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics has made a generous donation towards the Judicial review.  Everyone involved in the campaign is very grateful.  Thank you Mark!

Lush have very kindly donated products to a number of our fundraising events and with Mark being a keen birder he was very concerned to hear about the impact the South London Incinerator will have on the wildlife at Beddington Farmlands.

To find out more about the green space we are trying to protect and the wetland that will be forever lost if the incinerator is built, please visit this page on our website:

Another successful quiz fundraiser was held last night and we have a further fundraiser coming up on the 28th September.  More details can be found here:


Judicial Review Demo


We will be holding a peaceful demonstration outside the main entrance to the Royal Courts of Justice from 9.30am on the 9th of October.

The demo will start promptly at 9.30am as the hearing itself begins at 10.30am and a number of us will then have to leave to attend the hearing.  You are welcome to watch the proceedings but there is only space for about 20 people in the public gallery.

You are welcome to stay for as long as you wish but we envisage the demo only lasting about an hour.

Although the Judicial Review will take place at the Royal Courts of Justice on the 9th and 10th of October 2014 we will be focussing our efforts on the first day to ensure a good number of people can make it.


Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London WC2A 2LL.

View Larger Map

How do I get there?

Tube: Temple on the District and Circle lines, Holborn on the Central and Piccadilly lines and Chancery Lane on the Central Line.

Bus: Bus numbers 4, 11, 15, 23, 26, 76, 172, and 341 stop outside the RCJ. Bus numbers 1, 59, 68, 91, 168, 171, 188, 243, 521 and X68 stop on Kingsway and Aldwych. Go to for more detailed travel information.

Car: If you have a disabled badge, you can park by prior arrangement, giving 24 hours notice. See here for more details.

Otherwise there is parking available in Lincolns Inn Fields and Maltravers St. The nearest car park is in New Court, Carey Street, with additional ones at Drury Lane, Holborn and Shoe Lane.

The RCJ have a handy FAQ page here.

What should I bring?

Just bring yourself and your enthusiasm. We will provide placards, banners and music.

It can get chilly standing around so we would recommend warm clothes and with London prices perhaps a sandwich and a flask of tea!

This demo is about showing the Judge we oppose the South London Incinerator but also a celebration of what we have all achieved.  We have all campaigned long and hard and getting this case heard at the high courts is no small achievement.

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Judicial Review – Latest News about Contract

The legal team representing judicial review claimant Shasha Khan have finally got the 25 year contract which the South London Waste Partnership signed with Viridor.

The contract had been requested repeatedly by both the claimant and Deighton Pierce Glynn (1) but previously only redacted versions had been provided. Deighton Pierce Glynn had to apply for a High Court order for the full contract.

A thankful Mr Khan commented, “Arguably, the contract is integrally linked to the granting of planning permission for the South London incinerator.

“Indeed Mr Justice Collins when granting permission for the judicial review observed that the possible conflict of interest for Sutton Council, both the planning authority and waste partner, “is all too obvious”. When making this observation he was of course referring to the fact that the contract had been signed before planning permission had been granted.”

Both sides of this trial (2) are required to comply with a duty of candour and disclosure(3).

Mr Khan continues to raise money for the legal costs of the judicial review

On Sunday 28TH September a fundraising lunch will take place at The Alchemist Restaurant, Croydon. Entry only £10. More details can be found here:

All are welcome to come along to the demo that will be held at 9.30am outside the The Royal Courts of Justice on the 9th of October.


  1. Mr Khan is represented by Sue Willman and Charlie Dobson of Deighton Pierce Glynn solicitors and Justine Thornton, barrister of 39 Essex Street Chambers
  2. The trial is set for October 9th and 10th at The Royal Courts of Justice

Why are we so rubbish with rubbish?

The latest figures from DEFRA show that recycling rates in England are stagnating. You can find more information about this here.

And yet across Europe many places are successfully heading towards a zero waste strategy. If Vhrnika in Slovenia can achieve over 76% separate collection of municipal solid waste (MSW) then why can’t we?

One suggestion is that the lobbying power of the waste industry is able to prevent Councils from moving forwards with a solution. The last thing the waste companies want is for us to separate our rubbish at source or for us to produce less rubbish.

This is why Viridor is not alone in tying the council in to a long term fixed base load contract. This way they are guaranteed rubbish for decades to come regardless of what you or I do with our rubbish.