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Fundraising Walk at Beddington Farmlands

Raise money to Stop the Incinerator and learn all about the place we are trying to protect with a guided tour about Folklore and Uses of Wild Plants by botanist Roy Vickery

2:30pm Saturday 30th August 2014

Meet 2:15pm at the Beddington Park entrance on London Road,  opposite Elmwood Close,  over the bridge from Hackbridge station.

Suggested donation £5
roy vickeryFor 90 minutes hear the beliefs, customs, herbal remedies, sayings,
riddles, tales and legends, of the wild plants that we’ll encounter.

Eminent botanist Roy Vickery, is a Scientific Associate at the Natural
History Museum.  Find out more at about him here.


Quiz Night Fundraiser

Celebrate life south of the river!

When: Monday 8th September 2014. From 7pm, for 8pm start

Where: The Oval Tavern, 131 Oval Road, Croydon CR0 6BR 

Entry will include a buffet (with food suitable for veggies and vegans).

There will be prizes galore!.

Teams can consist of up to six people. You can either come along representing a group you belong to or join the Rest of The World team!

Book in advance to save money and avoid disappointment!

£10 per person for all bookings made by Saturday 30th August, £15 per person thereafter, if places still available.

Please make cheques payable to: Mr S. I. Khan.

Send payment to: Stop The Incinerator, C/O Elizabeth Ash, 39 Mayfield Road, Sanderstead SOUTH CROYDON CR2 0BG.

Please include your name, telephone number and email address so that we can confirm your booking.

If you have any questions please call Elizabeth on: 07792 810 959.

Celebrating South London STI poster


Toxic Cloud Over Colnbrook Incinerator

A member of our campaign group, Dr Stan Prokop, found some interesting news about Viridor’s flagship Colnbrook Incinerator, near Heathrow. It’s a joint venture with Grundon that goes by the friendly sounding name of the Lakeside Facility.

What comes out of it is far from friendly and has been found to be nearly 2000% above acceptable levels.


A week after the web site Colnbrook Views revealed that air pollution levels recorded at the Grundon incinerator had gone through the roof, they reported that all data relating to the incident had been removed.

When an official explanation was finally provided, they blamed faulty equipment!

This is the same incinerator that blew up during its commissioning stage and is being used as the shining example of waste incineration. If this is one their best, it doesn’t leave us with much faith in the South London Incinerator.


Incinerator Fight Continues

We are confident that the legal challenge against the South London Incinerator, being brought by local resident Shasha Khan, will be successful and we are working hard to come up with an alternative plan that is better economically and environmentally.

Unfortunately not all anti-incinerator campaigns are successful.

To coincide with a family trip to the seaside this weekend, Shasha Khan met up with a fellow incinerator campaigner, Chris, who has been fighting against the Newhaven incinerator for over 14 years now.

Many of their concerns are similar to ours and likewise they have been ignored. For example, the Newhaven Incinerator has been situated next to a National Park, their legitimate concerns over dangerous emissions and inadequate monitoring have been branded “voodoo science” and the council denies that the long term contract to feed the furnace will have an negative impact on waste reduction.

These are common concerns which are shared by many anti-incinerator groups, Doctors and Scientists all over the world. We can’t all be wrong.

Even if the Judicial Review is unsuccessful our fight against the South London Incinerator will not stop. We will hold those responsible to account and ensure their claims about safety are met.

We will keep trying to convince the councils of the alternatives to incineration and do our best to protect the wildlife and natural habitat of Beddington Farmlands.


Students Take Action over Air Pollution

It has been left up to children to do something about the poor air quality in their area.

I think I trust a nine year old to monitor air quality and tell us the truth about it more than I do the Mayor of London who tried to avoid EU fines for poor air quality by cooking the books and is only now taking the minimum of action.

The same authorities who told us diesel is better, are the same ones who are telling us incineration is safe.

diesel dirty secret 6th august 2014 guardian

But clearly diesel is not better. The particulates that come out in the exhaust fumes are killing people and the incinerator will be pumping out fine particles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the next 25 years.


Upcoming events.

Here are some important dates for your diary.  We will be providing more details in the coming weeks.

The Judicial Review will be taking place on the 9th & 10th of October at the High Court of Justice, London.

This will be our last opportunity to show the council we are against this dangerous development.

Our main protest will be from 9.30am on the 9th of October. We will provide banners, placards and props. Bring yourself, your friends and your family and show the Council your opinion matters and your health is worth protecting.

We still need to raise money to help pay for the legal challenge, which you can do by donating on the fundraising site or by attending one of our fundraisers that are coming up.

Following from the success of previous quiz nights there will be another one from 7.30pm on 8th September at the Oval Tavern.

If you’d prefer to give your grey matter a rest and your tummy a treat then we will be having a buffet at the Alchemist Restaurant between 1-4pm on 28th September.

Both of these fundraisers will be £10 a head in advance.

More details about these events will be advertised in the next few weeks.


Incinerator on BBC News

Shasha Khan’s legal fight against the South London Incinerator made it on to the BBC this weekend.

Whilst we appreciate that the BBC needs to be impartial by including the issues from both sides, unfortunately the information provided to them wasn’t accurate.

The report claims that a nearby housing estate will be heated by the incinerator. This is not entirely correct. No heat will be provided for several years if at all.

Most combined heat and power (CHP) waste incinerators never provide heat due to the prohibitive costs involved in laying the pipes. To our knowledge only 4 out of about 24 CHP incinerators have their heat utilised.

If the incinerator is just producing electricity then it becomes more polluting than the fossil fuel power stations they claim it will be replacing.

The news item also references the SLWP claim that the incinerator will save us £200 million. The latest WRAP report figures show that you could make savings over double that by using less dangerous waste treatment than incineration.

wrap report 2014

It was good to see a reference to decreasing waste and how this makes the need for an incinerator redundant. Over capacity is a problem in Europe and now England. These are just some of the incinerators that need more waste: Lakeside near Heathrow, Allington in Kent, Plymouth, Sheffield and Ipswich.

If there is not enough rubbish to go in the incinerators that are already built, why are we getting another one?

And worse than that, the South London Incinerator will have spare capacity from the day it opens. It has the capacity to burn 300,000 tonnes of rubbish a year. There are only 200,000 tonnes of rubbish in the four boroughs involved in this plan.